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Regardless if you’ve trained BJJ before or not, please feel free to come and try it out. If you are trying to decide which class to come to first, we suggest any of the classes labelled as for ‘All Levels’ or ‘Basics’.  Any of the kid’s classes are suitable for a trial.



We are currently offering a 1 week free trial at all three locations for adults and kids classes. If you have never trained BJJ before we will give you a specialised introduction in your first class with one-on-one instruction. We encourage everyone to come along for a trial, regardless of fitness level or experience! Contact us today to book your free trial.

What to wear and bring with you to your first BJJ class?

We do have Soul Fighters GIs, rash-shirts and shorts available for purchase but if you’re not ready to commit just yet, here are the basics of what you’ll need for your first few weeks:

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Thongs (no shoes are allowed on the mats so you will find things easier to slip on and off if you need to grab a drink.
  • Shorts, long loose fitting pants, or sports tights. Nothing with zippers or other ornaments as they can injure your partner.
  • T-shirt or long sleeve sports top. We strongly advise against singlets as you may get mat burn on your shoulders.
  • An open and friendly attitude. It will be clumsy, it may get awkward, but remember, we’re all here for the same reason!
BJJ Etiquette

Just a few important tips to remember before your first class:

  • No shoes are allowed on the mats. They are cleaned after every class however we don’t want rock / dirt / germs etc getting onto the mats that you’ll be rolling around on.
  • Always wear shoes when not on the mats, especially to the bathroom!
  • If you get sweaty at work during the day, please shower before training
  • Wash your GI / rash-shirts after class. No-one wants to be that guy…
  • Remove all jewellery before training – or tape up if something can’t be removed. This is for your safety and that of your training partners.

If you have any other questions at all, please send us a message via the form below and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Other Questions?

For adult BJJ class enquiries, call Fabricio on 0435 046 696.

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