Kids BJJ Classes

The Soul Fighters Self Defence (SFSD) Program is an end to end program that starts with building the children’s confidence in themselves and the people closest to them. From this solid base the program then deals with practical safety advice, situational awareness, strategic thinking, de-escalation techniques, open communication with parents and the basic principles of team work.

The program then scaffold builds through these mental Jiu Jitsu techniques and blends practical Jiu Jitsu with it to create a safe and secure environment for the development of young minds.

Competition Program – This program advocates for a healthy lifestyle and constant learning and development. Children are able to test their progression in high quality and technical training. In creating this dedication and commitment at a young age, children develop healthy lifestyle choices for later in life.

Classes – We currently offer classes specifically for children between the ages of 4 – 9 and 10 – 13. Children over the ages of 14 are able to join the Adults classes.


One Week Free Trial

Take advantage of our free one week free trial for you to try out any of
our classes at either location, Cooks Hill and/or Broadmeadow.

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